Katnip Art

Katnip Art is an online shop that features cute, unique, art-printed merchandise inspired mainly by cats, coffee, food, and beauty. The vast majority of the products on the website are designed, assembled, and packaged by hand with love and care by the artist in her workshop.

The Artist

Hi! I'm Kat, the owner of Katnip Art! I'm a Florida-based cat mom, freelance artist, crafter, and character designer with a huge passion for anything involving cats, animals, and all things cute! 

Creating things has been a part of my life since childhood, and growing up with a love for animals has been a huge source of inspiration for a lot of my work. I put oodles of love into everything I make and it brings me such joy when my craft enriches the lives of others. (Especially fellow cat owners!)

More of my artwork can be found on social media through the links down below.